Now We Walk Together

Why we are the provider of choice

Being a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise Co-operation, we’re acutely aware of issues that affect the less privileged and know the kind of service that everyone should be enjoying and utilising to the fullest.

Using our extensive knowledge of Radio Wave technology, differentiating ourselves from the rest including our 20 related patents pending. With 14 years of innovative solutions and knowledge, at XMG we believe Radio Wave Communication will sculpt the future of technology.

Our extensive research, in Radio Wave Communication, will change the very concepts of 5G, 5G+ and 6G, along with other advanced technologies.

Say a final goodbye to that sprawling wiring, expensive costs, and maintenance plans. Our Radio Wave technology will deliver nearly a 40% faster speed than fibre optic.

Working With London

Greater London has a population of 9 million, 2.5 million of which live in poverty. That’s 28% of Greater London’s population, and 6% above the national average. Last year it was reported that 38% of Greater London’s children were living in poverty, and expected to complete schoolwork from home without having reliable internet access. This is part of why we believe bringing 5G to London will be so important.

London has easily scalable infrastructure, experiencing minimal interruption and distortion, our offices are already located in London, and XMG is distinctly superior in possessing capacity to deliver high-quality service across London with 5G connectivity, up to 71.4% cheaper than our rivals, providing up to 9677% more bandwidth

What the future holds

Our solutions are adaptive and scalable.

With no need for the use of fibre, a bandwidth struggle for thousands of families in the large London council apartment complexes will start to be eradicated alongside the frustrates that come with it.

Radio Wave technology being cost-effective, in its services and maintenance, means virtually all low-income households can get it for free. Using the cutting-edge technology, internet service plans that feel extortionate can start at a lowly price for 600 Mpbs. It is possible to roll out the lowest cost and highest speed service in the city here with XMG.

Our Proposed Standards