Connect to the Future


Our technology will incorporate with the 5G base stations, microwave towers and antenna already in place as well as building on the areas not covered with our own installations to provide expanded, affordable 5G home and mobile broadband service options to Greater London.

This main objective can be broken down into the following goals:
⦁ Provide affordable in-unit and/or Public Wi-Fi broadband access to Londoners,
⦁ Close the digital divide for all households and businesses in need of affordable, reliable, high-bandwidth internet connectivity,
⦁ Create new access to Infrastructure - through acquisition of existing or contract for the construction of new Infrastructure that will be City-owned in areas with little existing or significant gaps in continuity of Infrastructure,
⦁ Provide Neutral Host Infrastructure to enable additional mobile access.
In the UK, just under 12 million people do not have access to what the government defines as essential digital skills. This includes being able to communicate online, handle information and content, make transactions, problem solve and use the internet in a safe and legal manner. In addition, around two million households do not have access to fixed or mobile internet at home develop a comprehensive training, hiring and wage program that strengthens the community and creates quality local job opportunities.
⦁ Provide Neutral Host Infrastructure to enable additional mobile access
⦁ Develop a comprehensive training, hiring, and wage program that strengthens the community
⦁ XMG will integrate with 5G base stations, microwave towers, and antenna already in place, as well as installing new 5G installations.

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Our radio wave technology revolves around Fixed Wireless Broadband which is simply high-speed internet using radio waves to send signals in place of traditional cables. The way in which these are transmitted is via antennas using radio waves, similar to what mobile networks do.

These antennas will then communicate to smaller devices such as your router. The receiver will pick out this specific signal and this signal will eventually be converted into the respective data.

This will be used on a large scale and on certain frequencies with CBRS and other similar services under different names.


CBRS, otherwise known as Citizens Broadband Radio Service, is a broadcast band that is 150Mhz wide within the 3.5GHz band. Other countries have something similar but under different names however it remains as the most notable term for this broadcast band. This block lies within a highly desired of the spectrum, the mid-band. The mid-band combines high throughput and high propagation, with throughput being the amount of service we can produce/deliver to you within a given time and propagation is the ability to travel and move the broadband signal through objects. The subscription management will be monitored through CBRS and Ericsson base stations on One World Trade Center and 4 Times Square.
Within the US, CBRS contains three tiers with tier 1 & 2 protected from interference from any tier below itself, these tiers are: