Privacy Policy:

Please review the X Markets Group Privacy Policy and make sure that you understand and consent to it.

Traffic data

When you visit our website, X Markets Group may collect some information automatically that enables us to improve our services and to improve your experience on the site.

We may collect:

  • Your internet protocol (IP) or other unique identifiers from the device used to visit our site
  • The type of device and the operating system used to access the site
  • The domain name
  • Usage information: date, time and visited pages
  • Types of web browsers used to access the site

We may use third party service providers to support our website: cookies, HTML5 cookies to receive, collect and store information. This information is also useful for marketing purposes.


X Markets Group may use cookies to tailor to your specific interests. This is to make sure that you do not have repeated advertisements.Cookies are also useful as this enables you to store your password to save you from re-entering it each time you visit our site. Cookies are text files, or entries in larger files, applied to navigate visitors to a website and will track information during multiple visits to a website. Most internet websites may be customised to only accept, reject or delete cookies however doing so may lead to a loss of functionality. If a user chooses the “remember me” option for signing in, the cookies will contain the user’s password. Upon deletion of such cookies could result in loss of customisation.

Do Not Track

The California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) requires sites to include a Do Not Track (DNT) in their privacy plan. There is no consensus on how best to do this and X Market Group doesn’t have to honor DNT requests, but X Market Group will honor this by disclosing the following facts:

  • Disclosure whether we do or do not respond to DNT signals. This should be indicated in the privacy policy and should disclose how we respond to this signal.
  • Disclosure whether other parties may collect identifiable information about consumers and their online activities.

Personal Information

To access and improve our services, X Markets Group may require you to provide us with your “Personal Information” so that we can identify you. The information includes “contact data”: such as your name, email address, telephone, Internet Protocol (IP) address and your Internet Service Provider (“ISP”). At X Markets Group, we value your privacy. Anything that is provided by you is completely voluntary; however, the less information you provide may limit your user's access to all the site’s features. Also, once agreeing to our website policies, we are not accountable for any lost or retrieved information. How we use information we collect The information which X Markets Group collects helps us protect, sustain and improve our services to our customers. The X Markets Groups’ website data is used for marketing purposes and to improve users experience whilst using our website. We will collect information for a number of purposes and these are outlined below. To provide customers with our services Handling requests and delivering and installing 5G wireless broadband products, services and keeping you informed with the status of our customer requests. These services provide benefits that utilize data about where you are, and to contact you with messages about changes to the products, services or terms and conditions.

Credit Checks, Fraudulent Prevention and Security

X Markets Group will in some cases need to profile you, for credit, misrepresentation and security purposes. We will complete a credit check when you apply for an agreement for any items or administrations with us. We will likewise utilize your own data for personality check purposes, for admittance to your record and for general record the board. Our Use and Sharing of Personal Information The X Markets Group uses Contact Data to send you information about our company and our service, or to contact you when necessary, in order to provide the service. We use your Billing Data to bill you for the service. We also share and/or provide access to Contact Data and Billing Data with our business partners and technology partners who assist us in running our service. Those partners have all agreed to uphold the same standards of security and confidentiality that we have.

Confidentiality and Security of Personal Information

X Markets Group is strongly committed to and operates under strict privacy policies when it comes to protecting information collected through this website and regarding our clients:

  • X Markets Group’s client details will not be passed onto other companies, mailing lists, endorsements.
  • A signed confidentiality agreement is required for any/all of X Markets Group personnel dealing directly with client details.
  • All documents and files containing X Market Group’s client data that require disposal (such as expired or redundant files) are disposed of in a secure and effective manner, normally by shredding and/or incineration.

X Markets Group will keep your personal information private and will not share it with third parties unless such disclosure is necessary as to:

  • Comply with court orders or other legal processes
  • Protect X Markets Group’s rights and property
  • Enforce X Markers Group’s Terms of Service/Product

In addition, X Markets Group has implemented procedures to safeguard the integrity of its information technology assets which include but not limited to authentication, monitoring, auditing as well as encryption. For the X Markets Group’s website security purposes, software has been employed to monitor traffic and to identify unauthorised attempts to upload, change information or damage this website and its content.