Connecting Us All

Internet Poverty

Many of us in the UK might assume that everyone here has access to the internet now, in this new Information Age. Everything is online, from doctor’s visits, to grocery shopping, to schooling. With the current pandemic especially, we are seeing more and more parts of our lives becoming digitised and accessible through the internet.

Not all people are connected however, current broadband is costly, and around 2 million households in the UK do not have access to fixed or mobile internet. 2% of UK households with children have no internet access, and 4% only have mobile access.

We here at XMG know that we have the power to make a change. Affordable internet for all is possible, and we have the technology.

Our Plan

We are invested in helping those most in need of internet connection, and we know we can do it. We are sure that we can provide an internet connection more reliable and faster than any currently on the market, for a fraction of the price. We will start in London, as we’re ideally placed to supply 5G services and the need is great.

London will thrive on the global stage, germinating new industries with this new affordable resource. Children in the most need of support will have access to education at their fingertips as we invest in their futures. The great minds we invest in today will become our future.