Frequently Asked Questions


Our connected infrastructure is set up with a number of preventative backup systems, including multiple entry points of power to allow uninterrupted internet connectivity. To cover eventualities such as changes of providers/tenders by a close- neighbour, our service ensures smooth quality.

The total transmit power for our antennas is 5-10 times lower than your cell phone, because our FCC approved radios are very similar to the antenna in your WIFI router and cell phone-using only 5 GHz.

Many things could affect the quality of your service, but due to our FWB operating on the lower end frequency spectrum over only short distances, the weather doesn’t interrupt your signal.

We use a standard 110 V power supply from inside your home. This powers all of our equipment with less than the power of a lightbulb!

London is the cheapest place inside the UK for customers to get internet access via 5G technology.